1873 School Days (May 2008) at the Holbrook Historical Society

The 1873 School Days Program

The Society works with the local elementary schools to give third-graders one special day of school -- in 1873. Students experience a school day during which they:

Lining up     Lunchtime     The schoolyard     The Classroom    
Lining up (1 photo)Lunch baskets (1 photo)Schoolyard (8 photos)Classroom (5 photos)



Lining Up   Students line up outside the Roberts School 



lunch baskets   lunch baskets 



Schoolyard Activity There is lots of activity in the schoolyard at lunch time -- scroll down to see 7 more photos  



Smiles  smiles and friends sharing  Friends 



Tag  tag  



jump rope  Smiles 



Smiles  and more jump rope 



Playing marbles Playing marbles 



Pick-up sticks  Pick-up sticks 



An 1873 school room in 2008 Students experience lessons in the one-room school as if the year were 1873 -- scroll down to see 4 more photos  



Writing on a slate 

Writing on a slate...

and with a dip pen

Writing with a dip pen 



Quiet study Quiet study 



Reading aloud  Reading aloud